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LJONES CFA (Computer Forensic Analyst) is a Louisiana licensed private investigative firm specializing in computer investigations. Larry Jones, a former FBI Special Agent and Computer Forensic Analyst, is the owner of LJONES CFA.   LJONES CFA offers a variety of computer investigation services including expert testimony where required.


Digital Investigations

LJONES CFA specializes in nearly all types of computer, mobile phone,  and data storage investigations. Some of the private investigations previously performed include:

  • Theft of proprietary data by current or former employees.  This is commonly referred to as an Insider Threat.    

  • Theft of money or personal information through the use of phishing emails. In the corporate environment these attacks are commonly referred to as Business Email Compromises or Ransomware Attacks.  These type of attacks pose an External Threat to the company. 

  • Employee Misconduct investigations which includes violations of the companies Information Technology policies such as unauthorized use of external media (i.e. USB), unauthorized installation of software, or excessive/unauthorized Internet use.

  • Assistance to Victims of on-line extortion or harassment schemes or the compromise of personal information or accounts (i.e. email).  While these situations are normally reported to law enforcement, the Victim's attorney has requested LJONES CFA to perform prior to contacting law enforcement and to facilitate contact with law enforcement.

  • Consultation with attorneys concerning pending or anticipated Civil Litigation

  • Consultation with attorneys pertaining to pending or anticipated Criminal Charges

  • General Data Recovery such as the recovery of accidentally deleted sentimental photos or confidential information from computer drives and mobile phones.  

  • Secure Erasure of data from older data storage devices prior to discarding those devices.



Upon request, LJONES CFA provides awareness training to groups or company employees to combat the potential of on-line fraud or data theft. 

  • Training can be provided to association or civic groups on a variety of computer security issues.  Specific topics such as  proper password security, recognizing phishing emails, and the proper backup of computers can be addressed.  

  • A company network is only as secure as its weakest link - humans.  78% of security professionals identify employees as the biggest network security risk. Based on these statistics, almost every company can benefit from employee computer security awareness training whether the focus is on email phishing, password security, or business email compromise.  


Larry Jones' Certifications

GIAC Certified Forensic Examiner

Certification validates the knowledge skills and ability to conduct typical incident investigations including e-Discovery, forensic analysis and reporting, evidence acquisition, browser forensics, and tracing user and application activities on Windows systems.

GIAC Certified Forensic Analyst

Certification validates the knowledge, skills, and abilities to conduct formal incident investigations to handle advanced incident handling scenarios including internal and external data breach intrusions, advanced persistent threats, anti-forensic techniques used by attackers, and complex digital forensics cases

GIAC Penetration Tester

The GPEN certification is for security personnel involved in accessing target networks and systems to find security vulnerabilities.  Certification objectives include penetration testing methodologies, the legal issues surrounding penetration testing, how to properly conduct a penetration test, and best practice techniques to conduct a penetration test.  


News & Resources

This section includes news articles and resources pertaining to Larry Jones and LJONES CFA, LLC.

Shreveport Man Convicted of Six Robberies and Firearms Violations

March 12, 2010

Larry Jones testified as an expert witness in the area of cell phone forensics at the trial of Christopher Dumas held in U. S. District Court in Shreveport, Louisiana.  Dumas was convicted of six armed robberies committed in Louisiana and Texas.  Mr. Jones worked on this case prior to his retirement from the FBI.

Massachusetts Man Obtains Monetary Settlement for Wrongful Arrest.

May 2019

LJONES CFA, LLC performed an investigation which determined Prakash Rayamajhi was improperly arrested for committing an email fraud.  The investigation determined Rayamajhi's IP Address was not used to committ the fraud.  Based in part on the investigative report and ffidavit prepared by LJONES CFA, LLC, Prakash Rayamajhi obtained a civil monetary settlement for his wrongful arrest


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